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Casino Customer SatisfACTION Research Process

DMG has developed a fully integrated casino customer satisfaction research process which can be tailored to any casino operator, whether a single property or one operating multiple units.

Our “standard” questionnaire can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

DMG can either design a totally custom program or can take over operation of an existing program.

Sampling/Upload Process:

Each week a file containing records of visits to all properties from the preceding week is uploaded to secure sftp site. (A daily machine-to-machine upload option is available.)

The file is subjected to a sample selection algorithm to secure a truly representative sample of your database. Simply sampling across the database will not accomplish this key goal. (This process is driven by Business Rules covering opt-outs, protection windows, etc.)


  • Weekly invitations are sent via email early each Friday morning. (Postcard delivery is optional.) Daily invitations, of course, are sent daily. Up to two reminders are sent to non-responding guests.
  • The survey never closes but passwords/links are valid for a specific number of days.

Reporting (standard unless otherwise indicated):

Results are shown in real time on the CSAT portal and a variety of standardized reports are issued, including monthly recaps, quarterly exception reports, service recovery reports, etc. Options include social media/reputation management, text analytics, annual analytical reports, service recovery tracking, etc.


  • Guest satisfaction Starts and succeeds Only with the GM’s commitment.
  • Create a rigorous sampling plan to ensure that you’re sampling your entire database.
  • Establish Business Rules to guide protocols, including sampling, protection windows, opt-outs, reporting, etc.
  • Focus your survey on the last visit.
  • “Gate” questions to ensure that each is relevant to the guest’s last visit.
  • Limit questions to guest satisfaction and ensure questions are clear and unbiased.
  • Don’t provide guidance or pressure to give “A” ratings.
  • Use the survey strategically: measure the impact of programs and changes in total and on key guest segments.
  • Monitor trends over time rather than just focusing on the last period or two.
  • Share results throughout your organization so everyone understands their role in satisfying your guests.

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