A singular focus
on your needs

At The Dallas Marketing Group, we focus our energy, skills and experience on our client’s objectives to deliver a successful project EVERY time.

A full-service market research and consulting firm, The Dallas Marketing Group provides four compelling advantages to deliver strategic, actionable outcomes – on time and within budget:

“Customer for Life” Philosophy

Putting your interests first provides the foundation of trust that leads to long-term relationships that benefit everyone (except the competition).

If you’re our client, we don’t simply work for you. We work with you, putting your interests ahead of our own. We’re marketers, and we understand the “customer for life” principle. More importantly, we live it.

Strategic Perspective

Our thoughtful, objective, fact-documented analysis provides the insight you need to meet your strategic goals.

More than simple data collection, our market research and consulting focuses on what your business needs to be successful and just as importantly on what’s actionable.

Breadth of Expertise

We’ve found that what we learn in one industry brings insights to other industries. Our clients benefit because this brings insight and depth to our work.

Our clients, over more than four decades, represent a broad cross section of business and private sector enterprises including healthcare, casino gaming, restaurants, consumer products, utilities, technology, aviation, and more.


Consistent, Experienced Project Management

Your projects benefit from our senior-level experience, insight and high standards at every step.

Each consultant actively manages every detail of every project. This hands-on approach delivers consistent results, thoroughness and high quality. But it also provides other advantages. You don’t have to start from scratch on each project. And you never need to be concerned about being relegated to the B team – we don’t have one.

Customer/Retention Loyalty

Core Marketing Services




Objectivity is a good start, but objectivity alone won’t give you the insight you need to turn data into knowledge, to turn knowledge into strategy and to turn strategy into decisions that work. We provide that kind of insight.

Expertise, objectivity and honesty – these are the critical components of effective consulting. And these are the cornerstones of The Dallas Marketing Group.


DMG Research Services principals have conducted thousands of in-person and online discussions with individuals and groups. They help respondents feel comfortable and are adept at digging below the surface to yield rich insights for their clients. A variety of methodologies can be utilized, depending on the objectives of a particular project.

We provide all qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, but add a consultative approach that differentiates us from most others.
Our B2B and B2C market research services include:


Whether you need a quick start on a new campaign or website, a brochure, or just an extra hand, we can give your marketing and communication efforts a head start. Using our broad resources and experience, including relationships with printers, agencies, graphic designers and more, the principals at The Dallas Marketing Group can quarterback your marketing communication needs, incorporating their essential strategic thinking every step of the way.

Expertise, objectivity and honesty –
these are the critical components of effective consulting.